Jennifer Chesak: Hand-Wash vs. Dishwasher | On the House #32

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Jennifer Chesak, a prolific freelance science and medical journalist, editor, and fact-checker

Washing utensils by hand may be familiar, but have you ever tried using a dishwasher? In this podcast, Jennifer Chesak will compare hand-washing to using a dishwasher and shed light on the issues from a sustainability perspective.

Meet Jennifer Chesak

Jennifer Chesak is a distinguished medical journalist renowned for contributing to various national publications. With a master of science in journalism from Northwestern’s Medill, she brings a wealth of expertise to her writing endeavors.

Jennifer also serves as the managing editor for the esteemed literary magazine Shift. Originally from North Dakota, Jennifer now resides in Nashville, balancing her writing career with her passions for running trails and tending to her garden.

As a seasoned medical and science journalist, Jennifer Chesak’s work delves into diverse topics, from healthcare to environmental sustainability. Notably, she recently penned an article addressing the debate between hand washing and using a dishwasher, showcasing her penchant for exploring everyday issues through a critical lens.

Outside of her journalistic pursuits, Jennifer is an avid reader with a keen interest in podcasts, particularly those exploring the realm of psychedelics, a subject she has extensively researched and written about in her upcoming book. Inspired by her mother, Jennifer credits her as a role model who has shaped her professional journey and personal ethos.

About the episode

In this podcast episode, Jennifer Chesak challenges old beliefs about household chores. She says everyone should pitch in, no matter their gender, and discusses how important it is for everyone to share the work at home to keep things running smoothly.

When it comes to washing dishes, Jennifer gets into the details. Whether you like to wash by hand or use a dishwasher, the key is to do it regularly to avoid a big mess. Jennifer also explains how having a clean kitchen isn’t just about looks—it can also make you feel happier.

Something surprising is that Jennifer talks about how using a dishwasher can be better for the environment than washing by hand. She shares some interesting facts and research that show proper dishwasher use can save water and energy, which is good for the planet.

Jennifer also tells the audience that dishwashers are great at killing germs, even though some think hand washing is better. If you prep your dishes correctly, the dishwasher can clean them and make them safe to use.

But it’s not just about cleaning dishes; Jennifer talks about how chores like washing dishes can benefit your mind. They give you time to think and relax, which can be really important in our busy lives. Whether you wash dishes by hand or load the dishwasher, you’ll have a chance to take a breather and de-stress.

And don’t forget about teamwork! Jennifer shares stories about working together with her partner in the kitchen. She says finding a way to share the chores can bring you closer and make things easier for both of you. So, next time you do the dishes, remember that you’re not just cleaning plates—you’re building a stronger bond with your loved ones.

In conclusion

Doing chores like washing dishes is about more than cleaning up. While washing by hand might be what you’re used to, using a dishwasher can improve the environment and make you feel better. It saves energy, which is good for the planet and makes it more accessible for you. So, would you consider trying out a dishwasher?

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