Jennifer Ayton: Breastfeeding and Returning to Work: Strategies for Success | Raising Parents #26

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Jennifer Ayton, a renowned researcher, senior lecturer in Public Health, with expertise in maternal and child health

For mothers going back to work after maternity leave, striking a balance between breastfeeding and job responsibilities can be tough. Nevertheless, with thoughtful planning and support, it’s entirely achievable to nurture a breastfeeding bond while thriving in one’s professional life.

Meet Jennifer Ayton

Jennifer Ayton is a renowned researcher and senior lecturer in Public Health at the Tasmanian School of Medicine, University of Tasmania, Australia. With expertise in maternal and child health, she shared valuable insights on how breastfeeding mothers can successfully navigate the transition back to work while maintaining their breastfeeding journey.

About the episode

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant and Jennifer Ayton discussed the challenges of balancing breastfeeding and returning to work. Jennifer emphasized the importance of starting a conversation about these topics, which are often hidden and not openly discussed. 

Moreover, she highlighted the discomfort society has with breastfeeding and the need for open conversation, particularly in the workplace. 

She also discussed the concept of “aloe parenting,” which promotes a collaborative and shared approach to parenting. She emphasized on the challenges parents face when transitioning into parenthood and returning to work and highlighted the importance of clear expectations and support networks. 

Ayton also discussed the definition and benefits of breastfeeding, as well as the need for workplace policies and government support to enable mothers to balance breastfeeding and work responsibilities. 

In conclusion

For moms juggling work and breastfeeding, having their partner’s support and workplace understanding is key to a successful balance between nursing their children and their careers.

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