Idit Sharoni, LMFT: Relationship Satisfaction and Infidelity Behavior in Relationships | Reloscope #13

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Idit Sharoni, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and the owner of a highly successful couples therapy private practice in South Florida.

The path to relationship satisfaction is not always smooth. As you explore the shadowy realm of infidelity, which is defined as any form of betrayal within a romantic connection, it poses a formidable threat to relationship satisfaction. In this episode with Idit Sharoni, you will gain valuable insights into the key ingredients for a satisfying relationship and the reasons behind infidelity. 

Meet Idit Sharoni

Idit Sharoni is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is the owner and founder of Relationship Experts — where a strong team of specialized therapists provides services to couples and individuals in relationships.

From her private practice based in Miami, she and her team provide online marriage counseling in Florida and infidelity recovery all over the globe. Additionally, she is the host of a popular podcast called Relationships Uncomplicated, where she shares tips and ideas with her listeners.

About the episode

The conversation started between the host Aditi Kutty and the guest Idit Sharoni when the latter defined relationship satisfaction. She said that it is challenging to pinpoint a single definition as it varies for different individuals and couples. However, she identified core needs that most people share, including the need to feel loved, safe, and respected.

Moreover, she explained infidelity and its relationship to relationship satisfaction. She defined infidelity as any betrayal within a romantic relationship, ranging from physical affairs to inappropriate texting or flirting. 

Idit mentioned that secrecy and an erotic charge are key elements that contribute to infidelity. Furthermore, she said that infidelity may not always stem from dissatisfaction in the relationship itself but can result from personal journeys or conflict avoidance.

The impact of relationship satisfaction on relationships is also explored. Idit asserted that the quality of a relationship significantly influences overall life satisfaction. A strong and satisfying relationship provides a sense of security and support, enabling individuals to handle challenges better. On the other hand, a dissatisfying relationship can magnify even minor problems and lead to feelings of discontentment and falling apart. 

She provided insights on how to respond when a partner expresses dissatisfaction in the relationship and emphasized the need to consider it as a bid for connection, showing vulnerability and a desire to improve the relationship. Responding with defensiveness, avoidance, or attacks can hinder open communication and lead to further dissatisfaction. 

Idit also said that it is crucial to acknowledge and appreciate the partner’s willingness to share their feelings for a constructive conversation. Successful recovery involves going through phases of healing, learning from the experience, and ultimately restarting a new and improved relationship.

In conclusion

Relationship satisfaction varies among individuals and couples, but core needs like feeling safe, loved, being trusted, and showing respect are commonly sought.

While infidelity can disrupt relationship satisfaction, it’s important to note that it doesn’t always stem directly from dissatisfaction. It’s a complex issue with multifaceted causes. However, relationship satisfaction can be repaired through dedicated healing processes and the gradual rebuilding of trust. Remember, nurturing a fulfilling relationship requires continuous effort.

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