Is Physical Appearance the Key to Becoming Attractive?


David is a young man of average height who rarely exercises. He went to a party, uncomfortably wearing clothes that were too tight. At the party, David met and talked with some of his colleagues. However, a very elegant girl often drew his attention. Several of David’s colleagues convinced him to get acquainted with the girl. 

When David approached the girl, he didn’t get a positive response. The girl doesn’t seem to be interested in David and is distracted by another person. The girl ended her conversation with David by showing no interest. 

There are several reasons why the girl isn’t interested in David. One is a lack of physical attraction. 

So, is physical appearance crucial for encounters like this? This article will explore what physical attraction is, why it is important, and some tips on looking more attractive. 

Understanding physical attraction

Before discussing physical attraction, you should first understand what it is. An Aquinas College research showed that physical attraction is typically dependent on other people’s looks, including their bodies, eyes, attire, and general physical appeal. In connection with this, a person’s external look plays a significant role in defining their attractiveness to other people.

The physical attraction that happens is usually instantaneous and causes another response. Some of the reactions that occur include the onset of happiness, increased energy, and the desire to interact physically. This condition is also known as love at first sight. 

The study also revealed that physical attraction is important as it affects other interactions. One example is a physically attractive person being perceived as having a more positive personality attribution than someone less attractive. 

Physical attraction is one of the most important components of romantic relationships. It paves the way for two people to connect. The onset of attraction to a person usually starts from his physical appearance. However, other aspects are also needed such as emotional, spiritual, and other types of connections.

How to be more attractive

Unless you’re willing to go under the knife, it may be challenging to change your physical appearance. Nonetheless, several things can be done to make you more attractive including:

Using open body language

One way to look more attractive is to use more open body language. Instead of crossing your arms across your chest, take an open stance by putting your arms down on both sides. 

Eye gazing

The look in your eyes is essential in making you look attractive. Some sources reveal that looking into each other’s eyes over some time can lead to the release of oxytocin, or what is commonly known as the love hormone. 

A study from the Journal of Research in Personality also revealed that two strangers who were asked to look into each other’s eyes for 2 minutes without breaking eye contact felt an increased feeling of passionate love for each other. 

One thing to keep in mind is to avoid awkward staring. A rule of thumb is to hold eye contact for at least 3 seconds and look away with a smile. 


Fronting is one of the easiest things to do. The trick is to straighten the body’s position so that it directly confronts the other person. This position change shows interest in the other person and that they are the center of your attention. 

For the position of the facing body, there are 3 Ts to consider: toes, torso, and top. However, sometimes fronting may not be possible due to limited space. If that’s the case, all you can do is sit next to the person with the torso facing the same direction.

Mirroring the body language

When talking to someone, the other person will sometimes imitate your body movements or quite the opposite. Imitating movements is a good sign as it is considered a symbol of attraction. 

When someone imitates the other person’s body movements, this shows how the communication is going well, and the interest between the two people is reciprocated. 

These are just some of the tips to make you look more attractive. Several other strategies can still be done, such as regular exercise, body care, or wearing neat clothes, so your appearance looks much better and attractive to the people around you. 

In conclusion

As mentioned earlier, having an attractive physical appearance will make it easier for a person to enter a romantic relationship. However, remember that physical appearance is not the only thing that matters. Other factors are no less important, such as emotional or spiritual aspects. 

When it comes to physical attraction, it may be difficult to physically change a person’s appearance. However, some simple things can be done to appear more attractive, including learning to display open body language, looking in the eyes, mirroring body language, and placing body position when talking.

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