Hannah Carmichael: The Practicalities of Living Alone | On the House #8

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Hannah Carmichael, the director, and co-founder of the Living Well Alone Project and a qualified life coach.

Living alone can be worrisome for one’s mental health. So, overcoming loneliness became more critical, as did finding the right balance to become positively independent.

Meet Hannah Carmichael

Hannah Carmichael is the director and co-founder of the Living Well Alone Project and a qualified life coach specializing in helping those living solo build thriving and deeply connected lives — irrespective of their relationship status. 

She has gone from ‘living alone’ to defining and embracing different aspects of solo life. She also lives and travels independently and has recently become a solo mum. 

Hannah is regularly featured on podcasts and in the press, talking about solo living, and the company she co-founded — Solo Insights — offers training and consultancy support for organizations interested in better understanding the single/solo market. Her book, How To Live Well, Alone, will be out in 2023.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Gabriella Joustra,  Hannah shared that she organizes a social enterprise that has a mission to celebrate and normalize solo living as a valid lifestyle choice, particularly as more and more people around the world start to live alone for longer and longer stretches of time at various phases in their lives. She also said that the resources are free to access for those who are interested in looking more into this topic. 

According to Hanna, a person’s living arrangement affects the ability to manage a household; when you’re on your own, there’s twice as much to do. There are limitations to what one person can do. And if you’re already accustomed to living by yourself, asking for help from other people might be a challenge since you’ve lived independently.

Additionally, Hannah recommended some practices that solo living can do, such as mindfulness and yoga, which helps the brain stay active while physically moving and feeling your body. This improved her lifestyle and her daily life. 

In conclusion

What makes living alone hard is that some people are trying too hard to live up to their own standards that are not really attainable. Always remember to cut yourself some slack.

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