Fabio Faschi: The Basics of Home Insurance | On the House #18

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Fabio Faschi, a distinguished insurance professional serving as the Head of Partnerships at Counterpart and a renowned management and liability managing general agent

Home insurance is crucial for safeguarding your property from unforeseeable events like natural disasters or emergencies that can’t be completely prevented. It provides homeowners reassurance and peace of mind by offering financial protection in case of home damage.

Meet Fabio Faschi

Meet Fabio Faschi, a highly accomplished insurance professional Head of Partnerships at Counterpart, a renowned management and liability MGA. With over ten years of experience in the insurance industry, Fabio’s expertise has gained widespread recognition. He has been featured in reputable platforms such as Forbes, Consumer Affairs, Realtor.com, and many others.

About the episode

In a conversation with Gabriella Joustra, Fabio discusses the significance of having home insurance. He highlights its role in providing a safety net when unfortunate incidents like natural disasters occur, offering homeowners a sense of security. Additionally, he stresses that home insurance isn’t exclusive to property owners alone; even renters should seriously consider renters insurance to safeguard their personal belongings.

Fabio goes on to differentiate between home insurance and renters insurance, outlining their core coverages and emphasizing how both contribute to peace of mind. He underscores the importance of comprehending home insurance thoroughly and advises against mindlessly purchasing policies without proper research. Rather than fixating solely on price, factors like stability, distribution methods, and reputation should take precedence.

Furthermore, Fabio explains the essential practice of reviewing insurance policies annually. He points out that costs might rise due to property depreciation and market fluctuations. He dives into deductibles and their influence on yearly premiums, recommending that homeowners tailor deductibles according to their risk tolerance and financial preferences.

In conclusion

Home insurance is a critical consideration for both homeowners and renters alike. To ensure lasting peace of mind, it’s vital to select the right insurance by understanding coverage details, choosing appropriate insurance companies, and customizing policies to individual requirements. This comprehensive approach guarantees a secure future in the face of uncertainties. 

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