Eva Monheim: Nurturing Nature – Sustainable Gardening in The Regenerative Garden | On the House #41

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Eva Monheim, a distinguished horticultural and environmental consultant, garden coach, educator, podcast host, and author

Discover the secrets of eco-friendly horticulture and watch sustainable wisdom blossom in your gardens! Join host Gabriella Joustra and guest Eva Monheim as they explore sustainable gardening. Tune in to Eva Monheim as she shares her expertise on nurturing nature in regenerative gardens.

Meet Eva Monheim

Eva Monheim is a horticultural and environmental consultant, garden coach, and award-winning educator. She teaches Woody Plants at Longwood Gardens and previously taught at Temple University for over 12 years.

Monheim’s podcast, The Plant a Trillion Trees Podcast, is heard in 100 countries. She authored Shrubs & Hedges, recognized for its contributions to horticultural literature. Monheim also writes for Birds & Blooms magazine and co-principals Verdant Earth Educators, LLC (VEE), specializing in educational materials and professional training for the green industry.

About the episode

In this captivating episode of On the House, Eva Monheim emphasizes the importance of valuing quality over quantity in household items. She highlights sustainable practices and narrows them down to sustainable gardening, emphasizing starting small and including non-native plants if they contribute positively without overpowering native species.

Eva highlights the role of regenerative gardening in addressing climate change. She also discusses the role of soil testing and recommends using holistic approaches for better gardening quality.

Eva emphasizes the accessibility of regenerative gardening practices, even for beginners, with resources like soil testing services and reputable online information. She discusses how beginners can start with regenerative gardening practices. She also highlights the accessibility of these practices, noting that they don’t require significant resources or expertise. 

Eva shares personal practices such as planting with newspaper and cardboard mulch. The conversation underscores mimicking natural ecosystems and the interconnectedness of plants in a garden.

In conclusion

This episode underscores the accessibility and simplicity of regenerative gardening practices. Through these practices, individuals can cultivate healthier gardens and contribute to environmental sustainability. Ultimately, the episode highlights the transformative potential of regenerative gardening to create thriving and resilient landscapes while fostering a deeper connection with nature.

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