Eleni Neville: Understanding and Dealing With Fear of Commitment in a Romantic Relationship | Reloscope #8

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Eleni Neville, a qualified relationship therapist, psychotherapist, and sessional lecturer.

It’s natural for many people to feel anxious when entering a new relationship since there could be factors or past experiences that have affected them. However, this podcast episode will help you overcome the fear of commitment.

Meet Eleni Neville

Eleni Neville is a qualified relationship therapist, psychotherapist, and sessional lecturer, with tertiary qualifications in Couple & Relationship Counselling, Sociology, Social Work, & Holistic Counselling.  

She is passionate and inspired to support individuals and couples in relational distress and vulnerability. Also, she supports individuals and couples with issues that reflect communication struggles and dynamics, with loss of connection and intimacy, parenting tensions or blended families, cultural differences, infidelity, polyamory, feelings of ambiguity, trauma, separation, and grief and loss. She has also worked extensively with LGBTQI couples.

Moreover, Eleni supports couples in understanding their relationship dynamics and patterns more deeply, working towards accepting their differences, attending to unresolved hurts, and re-establishing their emotional bonds. Her 15 years of dedication to the field of therapy reflects her belief that life and relational experience can be enhanced through self-exploration and consciousness, human potential, compassion, courage, and loving responsibility. 

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Aditi Kutty, Eleni started the conversation by defining relationships in which she said that it’s the association with friends, family, and colleagues, and the most interesting one is with committed relationships. 

She explained that commitment can bring tensions or longings because one person’s definition of commitment is not always the same as the others, and it might not be obvious in the beginning.

In the beginning stage of meeting somebody, it feels like everyone’s on the same page, but as time goes on, people’s differences show up, and their approaches to commitment and romantic relationships are not always aligned, and that can bring those tension points as romantic relationships are unfolded.

Eleni also said that the fear of commitment is like anxiety over commitments. Where she recommended that the best practice to tackle fear of commitment is to do pausing; by doing so, you can open up your capacity and flexible thinking to support you, and it gives the nervous system in your brain to be more precise and aware that something intense is floating, so you need to calm down and breathe.

In conclusion

It may be difficult for some to enter into a commitment since they encounter factors and issues that lead them to have fears. But there are good practices that can help you and your partner deal with these commitment issues.

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