Dr. Stuart Sidle: Stress Management — Managing Change During Difficult Times | Work in Progress #35

In this episode, host Joahanna Wickramaratne is joined by Dr. Stuart Sidle, a distinguished Professor of Psychology at Mercy University

Ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of stress and anxiety, unsure of how to stay afloat amid life’s constant changes? Navigating these changes can be like an uphill battle. But fear not—Stuart Sidle is here to illuminate these common challenges and offer practical solutions to help you conquer them confidently and easily.

Meet Stuart Sidle, Ph.D.

Stuart Sidle, Ph.D., is a distinguished figure in industrial-organizational psychology, renowned for his expertise in leadership development and organizational behavior. Currently serving as the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Mercy College, Dr. Stuart brings a wealth of experience to his role.

Before his tenure at Mercy, he held various leadership positions at the University of New Haven, including Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Faculty Development. With a robust academic background, Dr. Stuart has also served on the faculty of esteemed institutions such as DePaul University and Saint Xavier University. 

Beyond academia, Dr. Stuart is deeply engaged in management consulting and executive coaching, where he channels his passion for cultivating high-performance leadership teams. With a keen focus on aligning organizational values with strategic goals, Dr. Stuart has guided numerous organizations in identifying their core values and developing tailored leadership development programs. His commitment to fostering self-awareness and guiding senior managers toward leadership excellence has earned him widespread recognition and acclaim in both academic and professional spheres.

About the episode

In this exciting podcast episode, Dr. Stuart shares some helpful tips on managing stress and emerging victorious in life’s changes. Dr. Stuart tackles the age-old question of productivity with his expertise, revealing the secret sauce to achieving meaningful goals and banishing that never-ending to-do list to oblivion.

Stress isn’t just about being busy; it’s about how you handle change and uncertainty. Dr. Stuart helps you understand the difference between stress and anxiety, showing how they sneak into people’s lives and mess things up. By breaking down these big ideas into bite-sized pieces, you can more easily tackle stress head-on.

Dr. Stuart shares practical strategies for managing stress. One strategy is to break tasks into smaller chunks and take time for yourself.

In conclusion

Change can induce stress. It’s okay to stumble along the way while facing it. What truly matters is your commitment to learning and growing from each experience by managing your stress. Armed with Stuart Sidle’s insights, you now possess a valuable toolkit to navigate life’s twists and turns with resilience and grace.

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