Dr. Rachael Cronin: How to Manage Stress and Elevate Your Productivity Levels | Work in Progress #28

In this episode, host Joahanna Wickramaratne is joined by Dr. Rachel Cronin who is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Counseling at La Trobe University

Workplace stress is a common problem that practically everyone experiences, at some point in their lives. But did you know that you can easily and efficiently manage it through common mindfulness practices? This episode will explore how.

Meet Dr. Rachael Cronin

Dr. Rachael Cronin is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Counseling at La Trobe University. She has recently completed her Ph.D. on mindfulness-based interventions for stress. Her research interests investigate the relationship between stress and health, mental health, and well-being. She has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed journal articles on these subjects.

About the episode

The episode started with Dr. Rachael’s definition of personal productivity as a web of goals and systems. She discussed that it’s mostly a day-to-day activity, rather than an overarching thing.

She believed that most people tend to overload themselves with daily tasks without considering relaxation when rest itself unlocks productivity. Humans also tend to be biased towards the negative, resulting in a lack of awareness of personal productivity.

Dr. Rachael revealed her definition of stress management as two parts: identifying the stressor and its effects, and determining the resources you have to deal with that.

The discussion then turned to the role of self-awareness in recognizing areas of improvement for stress management. Dr. Rachael talked about the role of self-awareness in stressful situations and reflection in non-stressful situations for cultivating healthy stress management mechanisms. Stress plays a role in daily life, although misconceptions surround it.

The conversation then evolved into stress management and productivity hacks to deal with stress. Dr. Rachael discussed active mindfulness, such as mindful walking, journaling, practicing gratitude, and the Pomodoro Technique for productivity. She emphasized the importance of trial and error in finding the perfect productivity system for you.

Dr. Rachael revealed her approach to productivity and stress management: physical exercise. She shared that it gave her a healthier view of failure, allowed her to socialize, and kept her healthy. Lastly, she reveals the importance of positive affirmations for your daily life.

In conclusion

Productivity and workplace stress are intricately linked. Often, chasing after productivity leads to this downfall, but mindful practices can stop you from going down this wrong path. This episode provides clear and scientific guidelines for using mindfulness to manage stress and elevate productivity in your daily life.

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