Dr. Nicola Cann: Understanding Sleep Quality — Hacks for Better Productivity | Work in Progress #51

In this episode, host Joahanna Wickramaratne is joined by Dr. Nicola Cann, an experienced Sleep Psychologist and the visionary behind The Family Sleep Consultant

Are you ready to delve into the secrets of mastering sleep quality for peak productivity and well-being? Join Dr. Nicola Cann and Joahanna as they explore the essence of sleep quality, highlighting its crucial role in fostering overall wellness and productivity. Don’t miss this enlightening episode packed with actionable tips to elevate your sleep and productivity game!

Meet Dr. Nicola Cann

Dr. Nicola Cann, a psychologist specializing in sleep, is dedicated to enhancing sleep health. As the founder and director of The Family Sleep Consultant, an online practice catering to individuals globally, she offers tailored sleep services. Dr. Nicola firmly believes that with proper guidance, everyone can achieve high-quality sleep without resorting to medication. Her approach empowers individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance their sleep patterns. 

By emphasizing the vital link between sleep and overall well-being, Dr. Nicola helps individuals enhance their mental and physical health. Committed to spreading evidence-based insights on sleep health, Dr. Nicola collaborates with various entities to expand community access to effective sleep treatments. Her expertise has been showcased in scientific publications, media outlets, and international conferences.

About the episode

In this mind-expanding episode of Work In Progress, Dr. Nicola Cann discusses the multifaceted nature of sleep quality, emphasizing its importance beyond mere duration. She highlights indicators like feeling refreshed upon waking and maintaining consistent sleep patterns. She also dispels the myth of a universal sleep requirement and suggests implementing small, consistent changes in daily habits.

Dr. Nicola emphasizes the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive function, emotional regulation, and workplace behavior. She suggests setting boundaries with technology use before bedtime, opting for passive screen activities, and prioritizing exposure to natural daylight. She also advocates for flexibility in managing screen time to avoid unnecessary conflict and stress before bedtime.

Dr. Nicola discusses the role of melatonin supplements in regulating sleep schedules, highlighting their effectiveness for jet lag but cautioning against long-term reliance. She stresses the importance of natural daylight exposure in setting circadian rhythms and recommends scheduled naps for optimizing sleep quality. She also shares her personal practice of morning walks for enhancing productivity and creativity.

In conclusion

In this episode, Dr. Nicola’s insights underscore the multifaceted nature of sleep hygiene and its profound impact on overall well-being. Her recommendations prioritize holistic approaches to sleep management. In essence, her guidance fosters a balanced lifestyle conducive to optimal cognitive function and emotional resilience.

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