Dr. Marieke Ledingham: The Trap of Job Burnout and Why We Should Overcome It | Work in Progress #11

In this episode, host Tia Hamer is joined by Dr. Marieke Ledingham, a burnout researcher and psychologist who helps professionals suffering from burnout.

Feeling depleted and fatigued at work? Rest assured, you’re not alone! In this episode of Work in Progress, we delve into the subject of burnout and explore effective strategies to overcome it.

Meet Dr. Marieke Ledingham

Dr. Marieke Ledingham is a dedicated psychologist and burnout researcher enthusiastic about promoting personal growth in work settings. Dr. Marieke assists professionals in medical, legal, education, and mining fields who are struggling with burnout while also supporting leaders in cultivating cultures of well-being. With a Ph.D. in occupational psychology specializing in work burnout, she frequently shares her academic research with diverse audiences.

About the episode

During the episode, Dr. Marieke provides insights into her background and illuminates various aspects related to workplace burnout. You will gain a glimpse into her personal journey, with a focus on the catalyst that ignited her passion for the field. The experiences she encountered in Ireland significantly influenced her commitment to enhancing workplace well-being.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Dr. Marieke shares snippets from her personal life. She suggests the thought-provoking book Quiet by Susan Cain, which delves into the unique challenges faced by introverts in a society that often celebrates extroversion. Furthermore, she expresses her admiration for Adam Grant, a renowned organizational psychologist known for his vulnerability and unwavering dedication to continuous learning.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Dr. Marieke introduce The Stranger, an Australian film based on a true story. This captivating cinematic experience follows the gripping journey of an undercover detective on the trail of a murderer. 

In conclusion

To combat burnout effectively, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive approach beyond mindfulness alone. Incorporating elements such as meaning, relaxation, positive relationships, personal growth, and continuous learning within the work context is crucial.

Overcoming procrastination involves acknowledging excuses, breaking tasks into manageable portions, and setting achievable goals. Recognizing and celebrating progress along the way is key to maintaining motivation and preventing burnout.

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