Dr. Lisa Welling: Contraception Pros and Cons in a Relationship | Reloscope #20

In this episode, host Lu Ngo is joined by Dr. Lisa Welling, an esteemed scholar and Associate Professor of Psychology at Oakland University, Michigan, with expertise about the pros and cons of using contraception in romantic relationships

Join Lu Ngo and Dr. Lisa Welling as they delve into the multifaceted topic of contraception in relationships. Dr. Lisa shares valuable insights on human mate choice, hormonal influences, and the importance of consulting professionals for informed decision-making.

Meet Dr. Lisa Welling

Dr. Lisa Welling is an Associate Professor at Oakland University in Michigan, USA, with an impressive background in evolutionary psychology and behavioral endocrinology. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and has held prestigious postdoctoral fellowships at the Face Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University, and Harvard University Medical School.

Dr. Lisa is also an accomplished researcher, having presented her work at international conferences and published over 80 journal articles. Her research is mostly about human mate choice and behavior, focusing on understanding how hormones influence different aspects of human behavior and preferences. She is also involved in a number of editorial roles for prestigious journals and holds leadership positions in academic societies.

About the episode

In this episode of Reloscope, Dr. Lisa Welling defines a relationship as a connection between two or more people, clarifying that it is not necessarily romantic but can also encompass diverse types. She sheds light on the blurred lines between romantic and non-romantic relationships, expressing an interest in exploring and expanding her discussion about different relationship dynamics later on.

According to Dr. Lisa, relationships, particularly romantic ones, have evidently evolved over the past few decades due to the changing social expectations and legal structures. She advocates learning about various relationships beyond traditional marriage through credible resources and seeking guidance from experts. 

Dr. Lisa defines contraception as any method or product to prevent pregnancy. She discusses hormonal contraceptives and their impact on relationships through physical and psychological side effects. Dr. Lisa also sheds light on the complexity of contraception, as its impact on relationship satisfaction appears to vary, with some studies showing both positive and negative effects.

During the episode, Dr. Lisa brings up an important point, which is that cultural and religious factors can influence contraceptive decisions regardless of how widespread across different backgrounds. However, she proposes other solutions for those who do not feel safe discussing contraception with their partners.

Dr. Lisa emphasizes the importance of contraceptive counseling and discussing contraceptive choices with a partner for a healthier relationship. She also highlighted how societal taboos around sexual health can make such conversations challenging. 

In conclusion

This episode highlights the diverse nature of relationships, emphasizing the importance of being inclusive and recognizing the changing dynamics of modern relationships. It also delves deep into contraception, discussing various methods, their benefits, and potential side effects.

The episode highlights the importance of open communication, seeking professional advice, and being well-informed to make responsible decisions about family planning.

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