Donna McGeorge: Workplace Productivity – Rejecting the Typical Working Hours | Work in Progress #3

In this episode, host Tia Hamer is joined by Donna McGeorge, author of the best-selling books, The 25-Minute Meeting, The First 2 Hours, and The 1 Day Refund.

What does it take to become more productive at work? Also, are there times when you stop a task that took you a lot of time to get started because you get distracted? Or you’re just unmotivated? In this podcast episode with Donna McGeorge, you’ll find ways to conquer this and help you become more productive within and outside of the workplace.

Meet Donna McGeorge

Donna is the author of 10 books, including the bestsellers: The 25-Minute Meeting, The First 2 Hours, and The 1 Day Refund. She lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, a region known for its world-class beaches, but her most creative moments come while sipping tea on her balcony, gazing at the waterways, alongside her husband, Steve, and dog, Prudence.

Also, Donna has worked with managers and leaders throughout Australia and Asia Pacific for over 20 years. She delivers practical skills, training, workshops, and facilitation to companies such as Nissan Motor Company, Jetstar, Medibank Private, and Ford Motor Company. So they learn to manage their people well and produce outstanding performance and results. She was recently featured in Forbes Magazine and contributed to the Wharton Business School Nano Tools series.

About the episode

In this episode, Donna underscored that there’s no significant difference between being productive in the scope of the workplace and in personal life. And what constitutes productivity is getting done the things that you need to get done. She also added that in order to be more productive, the prioritization of joy in certain work could fill you with energy and give you more focus to get things done.

Donna also gave advice to those who lack the motivation to do tasks; she said that if you wait for motivation, you will wait for a long time to start your work, or it may not come, so it is better to chunk your work into little steps and do it consistently.

In conclusion

In order to complete a task, you should think that momentum trumps motivation. If you wait for motivation to strike, it may not come; thus, starting the task ahead of time is essential to completing it.

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