Donna Cameron: Separation & Divorce | All Together #4

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Donna Cameron, a qualified Psychologist in Melbourne for over 16 years.

Deciding to have a divorce is a tough decision. Ending a marriage is a life-changing event that will affect you and your children. However, it can also be a time of growth, healing, and fresh perspectives.

Meet Donna Cameron

Donna Cameron has been a qualified registered psychologist in Melbourne for over 16 years and has been working at The Couch Therapy for over 20 years.  She works with children, adolescents, and adults for anxiety, breakups, and marriage/couples counseling. She has experience in the Family Court System and is a family consultant that offers services in Child Inclusive Mediations.

She is passionate about helping people and couples counseling and presents them with practical strategies that they can understand. Her aim is to take the fear out of mental health and feels that when her clients understand the language of their emotions, they can then make positive changes in their lives and for their mental health.

Additionally, she has written a self-help book called Managing Your Stress Cup and has a podcast called On the Couch with Donna Cameron. She is also often called upon to comment in printed publications and on the News.

About the episode

In this podcast episode hosted by Dina Sargeant, Donna explained the effects and misconceptions about divorce. She said many people tend to see divorce as the end of a family unit instead of the particular family having to evolve or change.

Donna said that having a divorce is painful, and learning to live apart from someone you love can be difficult. Still, with respect and understanding, you can have a happy family post-divorce since you are aware that parting ways is a mutually agreed-upon decision and that each individual will now make their own decision. But, of course, anyone involved will go through a period of grief and loss.

Also, Donna emphasized that parents should be aware of the child’s process in coping with this kind of situation, that they may have a lot of emotions, and that there are positive and negative impacts on children.

In conclusion

Choosing to end a marriage is never easy, but having good communication and co-parenting with your ex-partner can make the process easier for those involved. It is important to be assertive and take your time to understand what your emotions need within reason.

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