David Speller: Storing and Disposing of Toxic Household Items | On the House #10

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by David Speller, who has been with Sustainability Victoria since 2012 and initially running the agency’s ResourceSmart Schools program.

Dangerous household items, if not stored or disposed of properly, can put your health at risk, including your family. Through this episode, you will learn how to store and dispose of those toxic products, and will give you practical tips for your home.

Meet David Speller

David Speller has been with Sustainability Victoria since 2012, initially running the agency’s ResourceSmart Schools program, which helps Victorian schools embed sustainability in everything they do. 

For the past two years, he has been leading the Detox Your Home program, offering Victorian householders a free and safe way to dispose of hazardous waste. A qualified marine biologist, he was a founding member of two community radio programs focused on the marine environment: 3CR’s Out of the Blue and 3RRR’s Radio Marinara

Additionally, David is now the president of the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group, a volunteer group focused on community education and citizen science at the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary in Williamstown, Victoria.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Gabriella Joustra, David explained how to store toxic household items and proper disposing of toxic products. He also shared unexpectedly toxic household items, their alternatives, and what you should do if you, your children, or your pets accidentally consume something they shouldn’t.

Additionally, David discussed the difference between sewerage and stormwater drains and how to store toxic liquids in tubs. He said that some things people buy are unsafe, so sorting and managing these things is crucial and that there are some environmentally safe alternatives people can use.

In conclusion

Household management affects home safety, so it’s important that when you buy things, you ensure that they’re going to be safe. And keep in mind that proper storage and disposal of household products are just as important as proper use.

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