Darcy Boles: How to Maintain Work and Personal Balance While Working Remotely | Work in Progress #15

In this episode, host Tia Harmer is joined by Darcy Boles, a Future of Work Thought Leader, Culture Architect, and Remote Experience Designer

Since the pandemic, the professional career world has undergone a remarkable transformation. The question of whether offices and companies’ premises were as needed as people thought they were was brought to the table. Many employees worked remotely during “The COVID-19 Era,” a new day came, things stayed in place, and the world did not fall apart.

But what are the different unexplored dimensions of remote work? What are some of the challenges that face the remote work world nowadays? How can you utilize your home to not only not stand in the way of doing your job but rather increase your productivity and secure a better work-life balance?

Meet Darcy Boles

Darcy Marie Boles is a Future of Work Thought Leader, Culture Architect & Remote Experience Designer. Her deepest why is that work doesn’t have to suck, and she has dedicated her career to ensuring that it doesn’t. Darcy was leading remote teams before it was “a thing.” She pulls her design architecture from global experiences and cultures from around the world, using positive psychology research to align company ecosystems with shared intrinsic values and experiences.

She believes that everyone has the power to create a better world and live the lives of the wildest dreams when building flexible workplaces that create a win-win for all stakeholders and now consults series A-C companies on how to make remote work, work. While she loves to travel, she spends most of her time in San Diego with her fiancé Dan, Golden Retriever Blanche, and a quiver of surfboards.

About the episode

In this episode, hosted by Tia Harmer, Darcy Boles talked about how many employees nowadays favor working from home (WFH) because it achieves autonomy. “People are saying, ‘Wait a second, I now have autonomy over my schedule; I have autonomy over how I spend my time that isn’t required of me to provide the results that need to get done for whatever job agreement I’ve made.’”

Moving on, Darcy provided tips to separate work and personal life while working from home. This includes but is not limited to the importance of utilizing intentional design for remote work environments and prioritizing self-care.

The episode also discussed the challenges of WFH, such as potential isolation or misconceptions about productivity people might have regarding remote work.

Finally, Darcy concluded that there’s a need for a cultural shift for communities to change their perception of work environments and employees’ need for work-life balance.

In conclusion

The world is changing, and working from home is one of the modern-world outcomes reshaping employers’ and companies’ perceptions of the workplace. They say an early bird catches the worm, and who knows, maybe incorporating steps for utilizing working from home is the new early bird! 

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