Cristina Davy: Moving on from Separation with Grace and Forgiveness | Reloscope #21

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Cristina Davy, an international dating and relationship coach

Are you struggling to overcome a breakup? Do you find it challenging to let go of resentment and anger towards your ex-partner? This episode offers practical advice and transformative techniques to help people gracefully move on from separation, heal from past abusive relationships, cultivate healthy connections, build self-trust, and foster loving relationships.

Meet Cristina Davy

Cristina Davy is an international dating and relationship coach who is passionate about supporting women to heal from abusive relationships and have beautiful healthy, long-lasting relationships.

Her healing program, Become The One, and her revolutionary dating strategy incorporated in her dating and relationship skills program, Love Map, help women enjoy their dating experiences to succeed in finding and connecting with their soulmates quickly.

Cristina strives to spread love on this planet, believing that, with the right guidance and support, everyone can create the necessary connection for an intimate relationship. 

About the episode

In this episode of Reloscope, Cristina Davy defines a relationship as an exchange of energy, where people stay in a relationship as long as it fulfills their needs. She highlights the importance of being consciously aware of what one is giving and receiving in the relationship, emphasizing that relationships can sometimes be unbalanced in terms of exchange.

Cristina states that the concept of a relationship is subjective and varies for each person based on their background, knowledge, beliefs, and perspective. She further explains that relationships have evolved over time. Cristina also draws a comparison between modern and past relationships, where modern relationships prioritize choice, happiness, and spiritual connection as opposed to past relationships, which prioritize the need for survival and security.

Cristina defines relationship separation as the end of a contract. She explains that, in the past, societal pressure often kept people in unhappy relationships, unlike now, where ending relationships that no longer bring value or meet your needs is accepted and advocated.

During the episode, Cristina sheds light on the importance of focusing on your perspective and beliefs in order to deal with emotions and handle a healthy separation. She explains that the way people handle such situations is not always the same, making it challenging sometimes for both parties involved.

Towards the end of the episode, Cristina encourages people to change their focus and emotional state in order to reduce pain and have a healthy separation experience. She concludes by encouraging people to expose themselves to new environments and unfamiliar experiences, which can help challenge and shift their perspectives. 

In conclusion

This episode offers insights into relationships and separation, highlighting the importance of conscious awareness, personal growth, and emotional well-being. It emphasizes the subjective nature of relationships and the need for individuals to prioritize their happiness. It calls for people to honor themselves, make choices that align with their abundance and fulfillment, and approach the healing process with a growth mindset.

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