Chad Warren: Creating Wealth By Alleviating the Affordable Housing Crisis | Room by Room #22

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra and Chad Warren, co-founder and funder of United Tiny Homes, discuss the topic of the rising housing crisis

The housing crisis nowadays has transformed real estate developers to construct innovations to cater to the crisis; one of them is building a tiny home. Aside from alleviating the affordable housing crisis, building a tiny home can create opportunities for wealth and positive social impact, which will be elaborated further with Chad Warren.

Meet Chad Warren

Chad Warren is a Founder and CEO at ZenMoose Capital, LLCFounder and CFO at United Tiny Homes, Inc., and Founder and CEO at SmartMoose. He has 25 years of experience in commercial brokering and real estate development and is also a social impact investor, dealmaker, and transformational business leader.

His mission is to tackle the affordable housing crisis by creating tiny homes. He approaches this challenge uniquely, integrating consciousness, love, bliss, and happiness as core principles in his business endeavors. By creating affordable living environments every month, Chad aims to uplift and empower individuals while making a significant impact on the housing market.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Gabriella Joustra, Chad explains how to tackle the affordable housing crisis by building tiny homes. According to Chad, tiny homes offer a promising solution to the affordable housing crisis. He highlights their flexibility and mobility, which allows them to be placed in various locations, including RV parks, mobile home parks, and tiny home villages.

Moreover, he introduces the concept of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), which add secondary living spaces to existing properties without rezoning. ADUs provide homeowners with additional income sources and contribute to increasing housing stock.

According to Chad, tiny homes are more affordable, faster to deliver, and provide a sense of ownership than traditional apartment blocks. Designed for quality and sustainability, tiny homes can be transformed into off-grid homes with solar panels, septic tanks, and wells.

One major obstacle Chad identifies in pursuing affordable housing is nimbyism, which hinders construction in specific neighborhoods. However, he believes that tiny homes, with their unique look and feel, can mitigate community concerns and pave the way for more affordable housing projects.

In conclusion

Tiny homes extend beyond merely providing an affordable shelter; they aim to uplift and empower individuals while positively impacting the environment by embracing the idea of living large in a small space and fostering a heart-centered approach. 

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