Cara Macksoud: Smart Household Budgeting and Navigating Behavioral Finance | On the House #38

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Cara Macksoud, who is the CEO of Money Habitudes

Expert Cara Macksoud discusses understanding behavioral patterns and shares practical tips for creating a harmonious financial environment. Her valuable advice on achieving desired lifestyles while navigating financial journeys encourages open financial conversations among household members and tools to master household budgeting.

Meet Cara Macksoud 

Cara Macksoud, FBS®, is the CEO of Money Habitudes. She completed the Financial Therapy Graduate Certificate at Kansas State University and holds a BS in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business. 

She is a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® and a member of the Financial Therapy Association, where she serves on their membership committee. She is also a member of the Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE) and is an AFC candidate.

About the episode

Cara Macksoud discusses the complexities of behavioral finance, shedding light on how behaviors, habits, attitudes, and beliefs around money impact household budgets. She also emphasizes the significance of recognizing the influence of cultural, religious, and environmental factors on financial behaviors. 

Listeners will gain practical insights on budgeting, understanding expenses, and managing their financial resources effectively. Additionally, Cara discusses the detrimental effects of bad financial habits, such as feeling a perpetual lack of money or impulsive spending, while offering guidance on creating healthier financial patterns.

In conclusion

The major takeaways include the importance of budgeting for good spending management and the recognition that money-related behaviors and attitudes are influenced by various factors. By using the practical pieces of advice offered in this episode, listeners can establish healthy financial habits and confidently navigate their financial journeys.

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