Brooke Scerri: Relationship Satisfaction — The Key to Lasting Happiness | Reloscope #49

In this episode, host Marie Stella Quek is joined by Brooke Scerri, a qualified psychologist, paramedic, and professional dancer

In life’s journey, relationships stand as pillars of support and companionship. But what makes a relationship truly last? According to relationship coach Brooke Scerri, increasing relationship satisfaction is the key to lasting happiness. Find out how to nurture relationship satisfaction with your loved ones by tuning into this episode.

Meet Brooke Scerri

Brooke Scerri is a registered psychologist, EMDR & trauma-informed therapist, paramedic, and professional dancer. She holds registration with the Psychology Board of Australia under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and is affiliated with the Medicare Better Access Scheme. Specializing in aiding individuals in healing from complex childhood trauma, Brooke utilizes various trauma-informed techniques, including somatic awareness, EMDR, and inner child work, drawing from her training within tribal communities in South America. 

Additionally, Brooke is actively involved in Nectar Psychology, assisting individuals in overcoming the fear of self-death and demonstrating her commitment to supporting others in their journey toward healing and self-discovery. She strongly advocates for therapists’ continuous self-work to enhance their ability to serve clients, emphasizing personal growth as fundamental to effective therapy. Brooke’s diverse life experiences have honed her capacity to connect with and empathize with individuals from diverse backgrounds, guiding them toward empowerment and healing.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Brooke is deeply passionate about dance, writing, and exploring human patterns. She seeks to deepen her understanding of humanity through meditation and unconventional reading methods. While she finds it challenging to focus on lengthy texts or films, Brooke finds solace in podcasts, valuing their capacity to offer varied perspectives on various topics.

About the episode

Relationships are like delicate gardens, requiring careful tending to flourish. According to Brooke Scerri, a relationship coach, a healthy bond between two people is one where both maintain their independence while coming together in mutual understanding. Brooke notes a positive shift in relationship dynamics over recent decades, moving away from unhealthy patterns towards focusing on open communication and meeting each other’s needs.

Relationship satisfaction is central to Brooke’s philosophy, fulfilling both partners’ needs with kindness, love, and warmth. Conversely, she warns that relationships lacking this foundation risk toxicity, leading to feelings of loneliness and anxiety and even potential infidelity. To counteract this, Brooke underscores the importance of ongoing self-work and the ability to express internal experiences openly.

Communication emerges as a cornerstone of Brooke’s approach to relationship maintenance. She advocates for regular dialogue sessions where partners can freely express their feelings and understand each other’s perspectives. Through such communication, couples can navigate challenges, learn about each other’s needs, and foster a nurturing environment akin to cultivating a garden.

Brooke also delves into the impact of positive energy in relationships, drawing parallels with the effect of positive words on water molecules. Just as positive words maintain the structure of water, pouring positivity into relationships sustains their health. However, she acknowledges that challenges may arise, emphasizing the importance of open communication and promptly addressing issues.

Addressing past experiences is another vital aspect of Brooke’s approach. She highlights the role of trauma psychology and encourages individuals to recognize and break free from familiar patterns. By doing so, they can create space for emotional growth and choose emotionally available partners, thus fostering healthier relationships.

Moreover, Brooke stresses the significance of trust in relationships, advocating for individuals to trust themselves before extending trust to others. She recommends resources such as the book “Daring to Trust” to build trusting relationships grounded in mutual care and connection.

Lastly, Brooke addresses the need to understand the complexities of gender dynamics in relationships. She highlights the frustration that can arise from misunderstandings, particularly regarding passive-aggressiveness. Brooke believes individuals can navigate these challenges more effectively by fostering understanding and empathy, promoting healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

In conclusion

Brooke highlights the importance of being happy together to keep love strong. She says couples must be independent, talk openly, and meet each other’s needs. It’s like caring for a garden—regular chats and staying positive help overcome tough times. Also, you can pick the right partner by dealing with past issues and trusting yourself. Understanding and being kind to each other lay the foundation for better relationship satisfaction.

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