Bhagyashree Bhansali: Budget-Friendly Eco Cleaning — Greener, Cleaner Home | On the House #53

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Bhagyashree Jain, the founder of The Disposal Company

Are you ready to explore the principles and common hurdles of sustainable cleaning? This episode delves into misconceptions surrounding eco-friendly products’ effectiveness compared to conventional cleaners and discusses harmful chemicals in household cleaning items.

Grab your broom and tune in for an enlightening discussion to boost confidence in eco-friendly cleaning!

Meet Bhagyashree Bhansali

Bhagyashree Bhansali, the visionary behind The Disposal Company, enjoys substantial backing from Accenture, CIIE.CO, and Sanjiv Bajaj (MD, Bajaj Capital). As a social entrepreneur, she is deeply committed to fostering partnerships to methodically address the worldwide waste challenge. 

Bhagyashree’s passion for community involvement and equitable representation fuels her mission. She aids brands and corporations in aligning with ESG standards while seamlessly integrating sustainability into their marketing approaches. With her guidance, more than 70 brands have bolstered their SDG attainment and enhanced their ESG reports.

About the episode

In this interesting episode of On The House, Bhagyashree Jain discusses household management, emphasizing personal choices in selecting home items and their environmental impact. She stresses mindfulness in choices, particularly in eco-friendly cleaning.

She also recommends scrutinizing product labels, prioritizing EU-certified products, and considering sustainable packaging practices. Bhagyashree discusses eco-friendly packaging choices, suggesting regional brands and refill services to reduce plastic usage.

Moreover, she emphasizes the role of larger brands in offering sustainable options and urges consumers to advocate for change. Transitioning to plastic recycling, Bhagyashree advises waste segregation according to local regulations and advocates for clearer waste management systems.

Bhagyashree discusses various practices for managing cleaning products in an eco-friendly manner. She advises washing plastic packaging before disposal, properly segregating waste, and seeking brand plastic-neutral certifications. She also shares personal habits like researching eco-friendly alternatives, supporting local businesses, and exchanging tips with a community of like-minded individuals.

In conclusion

Bhagyashree Jain offers insightful perspectives on eco-friendly household management and plastic recycling in this episode. Through her discussions, she underscores the significance of individual choices in fostering sustainability and encourages active participation in advocating for environmental change. Her insights provide actionable steps toward a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

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