Ways To Build Healthy Attachment With Pets

While attachment is often associated with other people, such as parents, partners, and friends, people can also feel attached to non-human beings like animals. Animals, especially pets, are readily available, active, and affectionate — offering feelings of connectedness, special friendship, and a

Three Steps to Regulating Your Emotions

Despite being part of daily life, emotions are not easy to regulate for some people. Emotions involve experiential, behavioral, and physiological elements as complex reactions to an event. It may exist in a continuum form, ranging from positive to negative. Andrea Scarantino

How to Regain Confidence After Failure

Some people consider failure as a significant threat to their confidence while the latter is important to overcome setbacks. Failure is a demoralizing experience that is influenced by many external factors. It can trigger negative feelings such as disappointment, regret, and shame,