Athina Saraya: Impact of Screen Time on Children’s Development | Raising Parents #6

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant is joined by Athina Saraya, a lecturer in the psychology department concerning human lifespan development.


In the modern world, there is growing concern about the negative effects of screen time on a child’s development. This episode with Athina Saraya will guide you through the impacts of screen time on your child and the importance of the parent’s role as a rule-maker.

Meet Athina Saraya

Athina Saraya is a lecturer in the psychology department concerning human lifespan development, especially on children at Hasanuddin University, and has also been a children practitioner for three years.

About the episode

In this episode, host Dina Sargeant and Athina discuss the effects of screen time on a child’s development. Athina said that parents must ensure that a child does not imitate their screen behavior during work. And that it is important to set clear boundaries and communicate with the child effectively.

According to Athina, filtering what kids learn from social media can be challenging, but there are strategies parents can use. It’s important to have open discussions with children about their screen time and what they want to watch or do online. She advised that parents can engage in “co-viewing” to understand the content their children are consuming.

Moreover, she said that setting limits and using tools like automatic locks can help manage screen time, but it’s crucial to maintain trust and have conversations about why certain limitations are in place.

In conclusion

Remember that every child is different, so parents must develop strategies matching their needs and age.  Having regular communication and setting a good example are key to managing screen time effectively and minimizing the child’s imitation of excessive screen behavior.

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