Arsho Kalloghlian: The Link Between Personal Growth and Romantic Compatibility | Reloscope #29

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Arsho Kalloghlian who is a practicing psychotherapist, with over 12 years of experience

Soulmates may be made and not born, but that doesn’t mean that romantic compatibility doesn’t play an important role in romantic relationships. This episode will delve deep into how compatibility affects relationships, and how an individual can use it to strengthen their bonds with the people they love. 

Meet Arsho Kalloghlian

Arsho Kalloghlian is a practicing psychotherapist with 12 long years of experience in dealing with the challenges of relationships. She is passionate in teaching the current generation about the relational skills necessary for a strong and lasting relationship.

About the episode

Relationships are the developing bonds that people have with each other. According to Arsho, these bonds are just as important as they were before, although the modes and expectations have changed.

Arsho believes that people are less likely to persevere in long-term relationships than they were before and that most individuals have idealized expectations of what romantic relationships entail. Despite that, there are still that stays the same.

One of the most important traits for growth within relationships remains self-awareness. People must realize that there’s always room for improvement in themselves. Communication also remains important for relationships to contribute to every individual’s growth.

Compatibility plays a significant role here, as it will determine how well couples can communicate and work through issues together. Even just one person modeling healthy behavior and responses can improve the relationship overall.

The conversation then turns into healthy practices that can help enhance personal growth and relationship compatibility. Arsho advocates for developing one’s emotional intelligence, having realistic relationships, and learning that everyone is flawed.

In conclusion

Relationships are a big part of life; they push people towards stronger bonds and better personal growth. This episode discussed how relationship compatibility influences the individual growth aspect of romantic relationships and vice versa and presented tools for growth that will help you harness compatibility better in your life.

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