Anthony DiMarino R.D./L.D., M.B.A.: How to Stock the Cabinet in Case of Emergency | On the House #20

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Anthony DiMarino, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, with BA in Medical Dietetics, and a Master’s in Business Administration

You may not know how to handle an emergency until you face one, so having emergency supplies in your cabinet is an essential first step. This episode will guide you through the crucial steps toward preparedness for emergency situations!

Meet Anthony DiMarino

Anthony DiMarino is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer from Cleveland, Ohio. He completed his Bachelor’s in Medical Dietetics from The Ohio State University and Master’s in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace University.

He is passionate about science, education, business, and helping people become the best versions of themselves. Also, he works to engage, empower, and educate others on improving their behaviors and habits, resulting in improved health and wellness. When not working, Anthony can be found exercising, reading, golfing, watching movies, or trying something new.

About the episode

This episode, hosted by Gabriella Joustra and Anthony DiMarino, offered advice on how to stock your cabinet in case of an emergency. He emphasized the importance of combining healthcare knowledge with business acumen for a successful practice.

Anthony advised against generalizations when grocery shopping and instead encouraged identifying personal goals and resources to create a plan. He also offered strategies to make healthy eating more affordable, such as shopping in-season and utilizing coupons and sales. 

Moreover, he discussed the misconceptions about emergency preparedness and suggested shelf-stable foods to have on hand. He also offered tips for ensuring the safety of food during a power outage and recommended regularly evaluating emergency preparedness and making necessary adjustments.

In conclusion

Regularly assessing your emergency preparedness and making adjustments is crucial. An earthquake serves as a reminder to take proactive measures for unforeseen emergencies. 

In times of crisis, prioritize safety over material possessions, focusing on saving yourself and your family while securing irreplaceable items like important documents. Additionally, a well-planned grocery list will enhance your preparedness, providing better protection for you and your loved ones during challenging times.

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