The Healing Power of Pets: How Loving Animals Improves Your Well-being

Pets bring more colors to pet owners’ lives. They may act as simple companions, best friends, and sometimes like a kid at home. And pets provide comfort and safety, social purpose, purposeful routine and structure, and a meaningful role in owners’ lives. 

Even during stressful times, like the emergence of Covid-19, animal companions also serve as friends throughout the day and help to fight loneliness. Having a pet in your life allows you to witness their cute acts, such as how they ask for a belly rub, their facial expressions, and how they follow you around. 

It’s not only limited to cats or dogs; hamsters or reptiles can also bring joy in various ways. You might also get more excited to go home after a long day at work to see their cute acts.

Loving and taking care of pets at home is shown to improve the owner’s well-being through the numerous benefits they provide. This article will present to you how loving pets will improve your mental health, physical health, and social life.

How pets can support mental health

Stressful life events always come and go. For example, after spending a whole day in meetings or you have to complete deadlines for your study, coming home to pet and hugging your pet somehow makes you feel less exhausted. 

Taking care of your little furry friend and seeing their cute acts always puts smiles back on your face. Even touching a pet’s smooth fur or hard shell is known to be soothing, and they are known to be able to reduce anxiety.

Study shows that pets also care for you as much as you care for them. Some people said petting their furry friends helps them satisfy the “tactile part of living that is essential for people.” Pets also provide companionship and a sense of security. This way, pets serve as a safe relationship for their owner and build owner resilience.

Training and playing with your little buddy helps develop deeper connections that benefit both you and your pet. Their cute acts while playing are also able to distract you from current stress and make you feel much better

How pets help improve physical health

It is important to have routines with your pets. Whether you’re walking them outside, playing together in a park, or even just spending time to give them attention is good for both of you, especially your health. Owning a dog and routinely taking them to walk is known to give you some benefits such as:

  • Lower medical costs;
  • Greater chance of surviving a heart attack; and
  • Lower blood pressure, triglyceride, and cholesterol.

This is beneficial, especially for those in the pension years. Getting more active daily with your pets will definitely make your day. Having this routine also shows how much you love your dog since your buddy is healthier and happier

Additionally, your pets also can accompany you with your exercise. Whether it is a home workout or yoga, you both can get healthier together!

Social benefits of having a pet

There are vast amounts of people who also own pets, and each pet also has its own community, like cat lovers, dog lovers, or even reptile lovers. You may also find them while you’re shopping for your pet’s food or when you walk your dog to the park. 

Pets serve as social lubricants that help you connect with others easily. Owning a pet is known to improve social connectedness, foster strong relationships with other pet owners, rekindle old friendships or form new friendships, and strengthen existing relationships. You can easily start a conversation with others with your pet stories, and they may respond with their pet stories too. 

Other social benefits from your furry friends also come from them. They accompany you even in stressful times or when you feel lonely. Pet is known to be important to serve as your social support. Studies show that pets can compensate for your need for companionship and interaction with other humans. Even when you feel lonely, you can count on your furry friends.

In conclusion

Having a pet not only improves your well-being but can also be one of the most rewarding relationships in your life. They can provide you with a sense of purpose, and believe it or not, your pet has just as much love for you as you have for them. 

As long as you keep your relationship with your beloved pet healthy, there is nothing to worry about. You won’t feel much stress and anxiety, get healthier together, and bring more colors to your social life. And for those of you who aren’t pet owners, it’s time to consider a furry friend in your life.

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