Amber De Vos, The Seduxe: Conquer Shyness & Social Anxiety in Dating and Relationship| Reloscope #26

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Amber De Vos, who has a BA in anthropology and has worked for over 4+ years as a matchmaker and dating coach

“Shyness is nice, shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to,” Said Morrissey, lead singer of the prominent English rock band The Smiths, 40 years ago, and dating is no different. 

Meet Amber De Vos, The Seduxe

Amber De Vos is on a mission to help Singles “go from clueless to coupled” by giving them effective strategies, advice, and actions to improve their overall dating and communication skills. She worked as a top New York City celebrity photographer for 12 years, has a BA degree in Anthropology, a passion for personal development, and has worked for over 4+ years as a matchmaker and dating coach, which has allowed her to create a unique style of coaching that helps her clients grow and discover the best version of themselves on their romantic journey.

About the episode

In this episode hosted by Aditi Kutty, dating expert and romance recruiter Amber De Vos delved into the meaning and evolution of relationships, acknowledging the shift from a time when relationships were driven by necessity to the present, where choices abound.

Amber shared precious insights on how to conquer shyness and social anxiety. She emphasized the significance of patience and empathy in the realm of dating, shedding light on the practical ways to interpret body language and create a safe space for shy individuals to express their interests.

The impact of virtual dating during the pandemic was also discussed. Amber shared some fantastic advice on navigating the world of online connections. She emphasized the importance of not judging potential matches solely based on their profiles, reminding everyone to dive into meaningful conversations and truly get to know each other.

The episode touched upon practical strategies for overcoming shyness and social anxiety, including the power of complimenting strangers. One tip that stood out was creating a “Greatest Hits” list to boost confidence. Amber underscored the role of music as a game-changer for elevating mood and mindset.

Finally, Amber emphasized the importance of self-appreciation, self-care, and finding a supportive community. A community that reinforces one’s positive qualities can definitely provide evidence and boost self-confidence!

In conclusion

Social anxiety and shyness can get in the way of entering the world of dating and relationships. Key answers start on the inside and extend to your community and surroundings. Doing breathing exercises, putting on the right music, and surrounding yourself with the right community will always come in handy!

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