Amanda Shiffler: The Joy and Benefits of Growing Your Own Herb Garden | On the House #31

In this episode, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Amanda Shiffler, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in gardening, agriculture, and plant-related topics

Urbanization and busy lifestyles have led to a reliance on processed foods and limited access to green spaces, which impacts personal health, the environment, and sustainable food practices. Amanda Shiffler offers a solution: an Herb Garden, which enables a reconnection with nature, promotes healthy living, and encourages a sustainable lifestyle.

Meet Amanda Shiffler

Amanda Shiffler is a renowned gardening, agriculture, and horticulture expert who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. With a master’s degree in Agriculture and a bachelor’s in Horticulture, Amanda is a true authority in the field.

Over the past two decades, Amanda has cultivated her passion for plants and gardening and honed her skills in yard maintenance. Her deep understanding of plant life and dedication to sharing her insights have made her a respected figure in the gardening community. 

In addition to her academic achievements, Amanda is a talented freelance writer who shares her passion for gardening and houseplants through her work. Her writing is informed by her education and extensive experience in the field, making her a trusted source of information for fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Amanda is also an avid reader and cites Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself as one of her favorites. This book, which encourages self-improvement through science-based methods, has profoundly impacted Amanda’s life and shaped her approach to personal growth and development. 

As a mother of 2 daughters, Amanda is deeply committed to instilling healthy habits and mindsets about food in her children. She shares her own experiences growing up, where the belief that finishing every food on one’s plate was necessary, and discusses her motivation for listening to podcasts that challenge misconstrued beliefs about food and diet. Amanda truly advocates for healthy living, and her dedication to her children’s well-being is reflected in her daily life and work. 

About the episode

In this episode, Amanda begins the conversation by highlighting the joy and satisfaction of growing herbs at home. She emphasizes the convenience of having fresh herbs readily available for cooking and the pride of knowing the production process and what goes into growing them.

Amanda’s enthusiasm is real as she describes growing herbs from seed, nurturing them, and adding them to recipes. She also touches upon the educational benefits for children as they learn about food production and related scientific concepts through herb gardening.

Despite limited space, Amanda encourages you to try herb gardening on a kitchen windowsill or in a larger raised bed. She shares her experience growing herbs such as basil, parsley, cilantro, and chives indoors and herbs like rosemary, lavender, and dill outdoors. Amanda provides valuable insights on proper sunlight, watering, and preventing herbs from flowering to maintain their flavor.

Amanda also discusses the importance of proper household management, defining it as the efficient running of daily household activities and ensuring the health and happiness of family members. She debunks the misconception that household management only involves chores, emphasizing the importance of creating a happy and healthy home environment.

In conclusion

An herb garden is not just an addition to your home; it’s an investment in your health, well-being, and sustainability. Having fresh, aromatic herbs on hand enhances the flavor of your dishes and empowers you to take control of your food sources. Additionally, cultivating your herbs is a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, reducing waste and minimizing carbon footprint. 

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