Amanda Lambros, CSP: The Role of Confidence in Successful Flirting | Reloscope #31

In this episode, host Aditi Kutty is joined by Amanda Lambros, an esteemed sexologist, captivating speaker, and revered authority in communication and relationships

Establishing connections in romantic relationships relies heavily on the initial stages of flirting, which can be challenging for individuals seeking effective ways to navigate these interactions. However, individuals can enhance their romantic interactions by improving their confidence, which is the secret to effective flirting.

Meet Amanda Lambros

Amanda Lambros is a renowned sexologist, captivating speaker, and revered relationship thought leader. With a deep understanding of human sexuality and a passion for empowering individuals, Amanda has established herself as a prominent figure in communication and relationships.

As a sexologist, Amanda’s expertise extends beyond the physical aspects of sexuality. She delves into the complexities of human desire, exploring the emotional, psychological, and societal factors that shape human intimate experiences. Her compassionate and non-judgmental approach creates a safe space for individuals and couples to explore their sexuality, address concerns, and foster a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.

Amanda’s engaging speaking style and profound insights have captivated audiences worldwide. Whether she’s delivering keynote speeches, leading workshops, or participating in panel discussions, her ability to connect with her audience and provide practical, relatable advice sets her apart. She fearlessly tackles taboo topics and challenges societal norms, igniting conversations that promote sexual empowerment, consent, and healthy communication.

As a relationship thought leader, Amanda’s contributions have influenced countless individuals seeking guidance in matters of the heart. Through her extensive research, writings, and media appearances, she provides a fresh and enlightened perspective on building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Her work encompasses diverse relationship dynamics, including romantic partnerships, friendships, and familial connections.

Amanda Lambros continues to leave an indelible mark on human sexuality and relationships. Her dedication to education, empowerment, and creating positive change has garnered her recognition as a trusted authority. Through her work, she inspires individuals to embrace their authentic selves, communicate openly, and cultivate relationships that bring joy, satisfaction, and profound intimacy.

About the episode

Being confident isn’t just acting sure of oneself; it’s also giving off an air of charm and security that makes people want to be around them. Regarding flirting, Amanda says that confidence is more important than physical beauty, even though both are good. A confident individual tends to draw people in with their self-assured presence regardless of physical appearance.

Flirting involves more than just witty banter or a charming smile; it encompasses a range of non-verbal cues and behaviors that signal interest and attraction. Amanda identifies several key elements:

  • Chin Up: One’s posture reflects confidence. Keeping one’s chin up (approximately at a 75-degree angle) signals confidence and openness.
  • Broad Shoulders: Similar to the chin position, maintaining broad shoulders rather than hunched shoulders can make you appear more self-assured.
  • Eye Contact: Appropriate eye contact is crucial in flirting. It shows that you are focused and genuinely interested in the person one is interacting with.
  • Smile: A simple smile can go a long way in appearing friendly and approachable.

One of the biggest problems with flirting is the fear of being turned down. Amanda says rejection should be seen as a chance to learn, not a personal failure. Feeling confident in flirting takes time. Like any other skill, the more individuals flirt, the better they get at it.

In today’s fast-paced world, much of the initial stages of dating occur online. Amanda points out that while it’s easier to project confidence behind a screen, maintaining that confidence during face-to-face interactions is the real challenge. She suggests ensuring an online profile reflects genuine aspects of one’s personality and using photos that showcase confident body language.

In conclusion

True confidence in flirting comes from being comfortable with oneself and respecting others’ boundaries. It’s about striking a balance between showing genuine interest and not overstepping. Confidence’s magic lies in its ability to magnetically attract others while maintaining a foundation of mutual respect and consideration.

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